I’m delighted that you clicked over to read more about me.

I’m a work-at-home niche notebook designer and Stella & Dot Brand Ambassador living in the sunshine of Southern California.

I have a background in business marketing and education. 

I made my living for the past 20 years as an independent marketing consultant for home-based businesses.  Believing in having more than one stream of income, I have always worked part-time marketing various brands online as a social seller, as well.

In May of 2019, I was in the throes of launching a publishing company that will feature my designed notebooks and journals.  Just by chance (or destiny), I was invited to independently partner and market the top fashion brand, Stella & Dot.  I just couldn’t say no to their gorgeous handcrafted jewelry that I have seen on so many iconic women. But I was shocked to no end when they announced that their sister brands were merging with the Stella & Dot fashion brand in 2020!   Plus, I really dig the company’s marketing mission of inclusion by vowing to not photoshop the women's faces or bodies that would alter their size, ethnicity or race, signs of aging, scars, or skin blemishes.  And yes! Their apparel is designed for sizes XXS – 2X.


Looking back on it, I should have joined the Stella & Dot Fashion Brand a dozen years ago because I’d be working as their independent sales director by now, but I just didn’t fully grasp their mission of inclusion and empowerment until I stumbled across their manifesto while poking around the site trying to decide if I should take them up on the generous invitation:

We are Stylists


We look around the world and understand that style is a life necessity, not a luxury. Each of us is a Stylist. This is not about what we do. What we do is the black and white outline. It's about how we do it. We color in everything and make it a masterpiece. We approach everything creatively, passionately, with all we have.

In everything, we see the opportunity to do it with style. Our work here makes all of us more luminous. It starts from within and makes the world around us a more fabulous place to live in. Style makes people feel good. Style is important.

Style is our philosophy.

Awesome, right?  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this movement?

So here I am happily marketing this dynamic brand in my own comfy, casual, and styled way. Yes, the rumors are true! Since I’ve hit menopause, I tend not to go anywhere where I cannot throw on some styled comfy clothes.

On this blog, I’m going to show you easy ways to keep your style comfortable and cool, yet super fashionable. 

Comfy, Not Frumpy!

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