The deal has been in the works for years, according to Chief Executive Officer and Stella & Dot Founder, Jessica Herrin.


As Stella & Dot partners with Nordstrom, it could give both businesses an advantage: Nordstrom introducing a new fashion brand to its audience and Stella & Dot branching its social marketing strength into traditional brick and mortar.

"With the rise of social selling and the increasingly digital focus of our ambassadors, we saw the importance of finding new ways for the customer to experience the brand in real life, to touch and feel our product and experience the quality," **Herrin said in a statement.

A small capsule, about 10% of the Stella & Dot collection, will be sold in 26 Nordstrom stores and on Items are priced from $30 to $130 and will be merchandised throughout the retailer's jewelry department. When the inventory is depleted, Nordstrom has been forwarding customers back to Stella & Dot who in turn forward customers to their local brand ambassador.

Ambassadors are the brand; it’s their authentic recommendations that drive conversion in their circles.


Personally, I have been fortunate to receive 6 corporate referrals throughout the 2019 holiday season.  Out of that 6, 4 have become my regular customers.  I do hope that this referral protocol continues because that would show that Stella & Dot's social marketing efforts are working well with the Nordstrom partnership.


I think I’m grabbing corporate referrals because of the marketing I’ve been doing in my local community.  Online, I loved to be known as the “go-to” in my county for great gifts and sparkly treats.

“Ambassadors are the brand; it’s their authentic recommendations that drive conversion in their circles. By taking away all complexities, we are thinking about what’s in it for the customer,” Herrin was quoted to say. “A lot of women would like to build a large social following, but it is the nano-influencer or everywoman that truly drives sales.”

Amen, Jessica.  Amen.


**Resource: Press Reader and Retail Dive

Stella & Dot Brand Ambassador | Murrieta,California